The Marion P. Candle is a line of therapeutic scented Shea butter candles created by Pat Houston inspired by a special Bond of sisterhood not just for the aroma but the experience. Two women that shared something that transcended a working relationship and embraced family and friendship.

Handmade candles that melt into an oil that perfumes the home and soothes the skin. The concept came to fruition when Whitney would always ask why do you love candles so much. I burned candles especially in the evenings because of my love of peace. I explained to Whitney that growing up in the South my Aunt Essie would always burn a lantern by her bedside and read scripture before going to sleep. That lantern gave a peaceful dim light to the room as if a candle were burning. It was always very peaceful and therapeutic in her home. I spent a lot of time with her. I call them candles of peace.

After taking several trips to the Holy Land and experiencing the depth of peace and spirituality I decided to name the candles after several designated places that we visited. The candle line represents Dedication, Excellence, Faithfulness, Gratitude, Lovingkindness, Peace Joy, Redemption, Victorious and Love.